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About Opticom Thailand

Opticom Co.,Ltd. was established  on  July ,3rd 2008 in the area of 7 Rai  located on 98 Moo 9, Raikhing-Sub District, Sampran District, Nakhonpathom province, Thailand.

Established in July 2008, Opticom Co. Ltd is located at 98 Moo 9, Raikhing-subdistrict, Sampran District, Nakhon Pathom province.

Our Mission
Our focus is on developing specialty lenses, especially Photochromic and Polarized lenses, in addition to operating a professional and state-of-the-art surfacing laboratory. Opticom produces only the very highest quality products that assist and protect the eyesight of its clients while at the same time providing them with maximum customer satisfaction.

Opticom is the only company in Thailand authorized by CORNING to operate as a SUNSENSORS casting manufacturer. The company has a casting production line as well as a Rx prescription line supplying Semi-Finished Lenses, Finished Lenses for Single Vision, Bifocals, as well as Degressive and Progressive Lenses. Opticom’s products are delivered throughout Thailand and also exported to several countries around the world.

Our production facilities are well equipped with sophisticated advanced technology machinery integrated with computerized systems at each production step to ensure precise quality control. Moreover, the company has been recognized and certified by such international institutions as ISO9001:2008, CE and FDA. These conformance markers prove that our products have achieved international quality standard and have a good reputation in the world market

Not only is emphasis placed on daily production outputs to meet existing demands, but Opticom also pays continuous attention to research and development of specialty products to serve the future. Recently, we successfully launched the specialty lens known as the “High Index polarized lens”, in response to new trends and to answer the specific needs and lifestyle of our customers.  .

Our optical lenses products and services can be divided into 3 categories:  

1.  Casting Production Line

• Photochromic Lenses
• High Index Polarized Lenses

2. Prescription Lenses or Rx Lenses
• Photochromic Lenses
• High Index Polarized Lenses
• Normal / High / Ultra Refractive Lenses
• High Impact Resistant Lenses

3.   Other services:  Lenses coating

• Hard Coating (Anti-scratch protection)
• Hard Multi- Coating (Anti-reflexing protection)
• Super Coating (Anti-water repellant )